Hi, and


I’m Marine.


I am a leadership coach and certified Human Design potential advisor. I use my energetic gifts and knowledge of the system as a tool for high-performance, making it easier to flow and embody what you truly want in life.  

Have you ever felt way out to lunch, living your life on autopilot?

I’ve been there.

I have worked for startups, helped build companies, supporting executives, worked in partnerships and teams, which offered me a unique perspective on leadership challenges.


It has taken me many years of bumping into life, self-searching, reflection and cumulating experiences to become the being that stands before you.

Until I would realize that I, too, could live a more expansive life – that it didn’t have to be so hard, and that it was more than a choice, but a commitment – to show up in the world in a new way and make each day more meaningful. My journey has led me here. It took me a while, and lots of trials and tribulations to realize that it was my mission to draw from my experiences the insights that would help others shape a more meaningful life.


I am dedicated to accompany companies, man & women to change their narrative, to vibrate their highest potential, and boost their productivity, wherever they are on their journey. I draw from all of your skillsets and help you turn them into the career that you want, by helping you…

- Uncovering the many shadows often surrounding that process

- Reframing the limiting belief you may have that there is no version of a career where you got to incorporate them all

- Showing you that you have the capacity to find your happy place, or even create something that doesn’t exist yet by making one align decision at a time


That’s how we get real transformation to happen.


All inquiries welcome. If you would like to share my work and this powerful system by collaborating or via your publication, or if you would like me to help you implement it within your team, please submit the form below and I’ll be in touch!

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