This is your talent DNA: this digital guide explains the unique ways you reach and maximize your potential at work and everywhere else.  

You are uniquely powerful. Your design sets you apart from everyone else. This report is created to empower you to express your talent in the business world. Discover the themes that make you uniquely talented, as a starting point for living your strongest life possible – and learn to maximize your potential at work or anywhere else, by strengthening what you naturally do best and doing more of it.



  • Discover your leadership style

  • Learn how to leverage your most powerful natural talents

  • Successfully collaborate with a world of people designed differently than you

  • Empower yourself by learning how to communicate better and make the best decisions

  • Uncover your blind spots and prevent them from getting in the way

  • Be more engaged at work, more productive in your role, happier and healthier


I asked Marine for my daughter's (18 months) chart in order to understand her functioning and be able to guide her grow. Marine did a great job at pointing out exactly how my daughter functions and giving me some very practical examples and tools that can help me help her on a daily basis. I have now very practical and valuable information that I always will be able to refer to as my daughter grows. It will definitely make the difference in her development, I know it !

Now, I recommend it to everyone open to it.

Marine, thanks a lot ! ” 

Marie, France