Get your digital guide and discover your unique energetic blueprint.


You get lifetime access to a 30+ pages comprehensive guide to how you are uniquely designed to operate, communicate, make decisions, cultivate opportunities, and so much more, beautifully designed so you can gift it to yourself or to someone you love.



  • Find and use your voice

  • Understand how you’re made to move through the world

  • Learn how to make choices that are aligned

  • Navigate opportunities that are in flow

  • Leverage your strengths in every areas of your life

  • Overcome the shadows holding you back


I asked Marine for my daughter's (18 months) chart in order to understand her functioning and be able to accompany her growth. Marine did a great job at pointing out exactly how my daughter functions and giving me some very practical examples and tools that can help me help her on a daily basis. I have now very practical and valuable information that I always will be able to refer to as my daughter grows. It will definitely make the difference in her development, I know it !

Now, I recommend it to everyone open to it.

Marine, thanks a lot ! ” 

Marie, France